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Dichotomy|A Visual Journey Through Nebraska and Northern Italy


"DICHOTOMY - A Visual Journey Through Nebraska and Northern Italy" examines the visual contrasts inherint in two regions of our planet: The Nebraska Sandhills & Northern Italy. Pages showcase dichotomic images within or between the regions. Some pairs of images are displayed to highlight a clear divergence of viewpoint regarding subject, context, [...]

Dichotomy|A Visual Journey Through Nebraska and Northern Italy2016-12-04T17:04:17-06:00

Along The Edge of Daylight|Photographic Travels from Nebraska and the Great Plains


These unique and remarkable photographs of the Great Plains, taken by artist/photographer Georg Joutras over the span of two decades, show the breathtaking grandeur of prairie and sky, the sometimes nuanced, other times brilliant colors of earth and evening light, the titanic scale of clouds and sun and horizon, and the intimate postures [...]

Along The Edge of Daylight|Photographic Travels from Nebraska and the Great Plains2016-09-27T08:42:59-05:00

The National Grasslands|A Guide to America’s Undiscovered Treasures


The four million windswept acres of wildflowers and grass in the twenty national grasslands in the United States are scattered across a region extending from the Pacific Ocean to the eastern edge of North Dakota. Although all were once seas of grass teeming with wildlife, they now exhibit striking differences, and range from [...]

The National Grasslands|A Guide to America’s Undiscovered Treasures2016-09-27T08:28:02-05:00

Georg Joutras|The Filmmaker


Filmmaker Georg Joutras reinvents himself as he moves through the journey of life. Georg's interests and business experiences are many and varied. He created industry-changing software systems for radio and commerce, authored numerous books showcasing his spectacular photography, and found success in numerous other endeavors. Georg devoted 3 years to bringing his vision for the Ocean of Grass [...]

Georg Joutras|The Filmmaker2016-10-06T10:18:53-05:00

Butch McGinn|The Partner


Butch is the younger brother of Mike McGinn. They have jointly run the ranch for decades, sharing responsibilities on many aspects of it's operation. Butch is described best as man of kinetic energy, involved in many business and political endeavors in the Sandhills Region. He takes great pride in the ranch's long term friendships with neighbors and [...]

Butch McGinn|The Partner2016-10-28T11:30:59-05:00

Laron McGinn|The Renaissance Man


A man of the world, Laron has lived the majority of his life on the ranch following stints in commercial art, television, and movie production. His paintings and sketches are widely collected, residing in numerous private collections around the globe. He has travelled extensively, lives life to the fullest, and is known as a treasured friend to those who [...]

Laron McGinn|The Renaissance Man2016-10-02T16:11:25-05:00

Matt McGinn|The Young Gun


Matt looks towards the future when envisioning how the operations of the ranch can be improved with new technologies and sound range management practices. He has studied and implemented the concepts inherent in increasing  pasture rotation as a means to protect the fragile environment of the Nebraska Sandhills, while also producing more resources to feed the herd. A 3rd generation rancher, [...]

Matt McGinn|The Young Gun2016-10-02T16:11:00-05:00

Kevin Anderson|The Fixture


A long time presence on the ranch, Kevin has spent over 25 years working with the McGinn's. His knowledge, experience, and understanding of cattle operations is extensive and called on daily to help run the ranch. Kevin is a fixture in community service and local politics. He has served as the Mayor of Dunning, Nebraska, spent many years on [...]

Kevin Anderson|The Fixture2016-10-06T17:14:18-05:00

John Seeley|The Go-er


A man of boundless energy, valued opinions, and a down to earth attitude, John is the epitome of the American Rancher.  Always known as a hard worker who knows how to enjoy life, John will share his thoughts on almost any subject. More often than not these comments impart a wisdom many do not possess. John [...]

John Seeley|The Go-er2016-10-06T17:13:50-05:00

A Way of Life|Ranching on the Plains of America


Situated in the Sandhills Region of Nebraska, the McGinn Ranch comprises many thousands of acres of grazing land. Originally homesteaded in the 1880's with a single section of land, the ranch has grown and survived over 125 years of crippling droughts, torrential rains, extreme heat, and bone-numbing cold, along with the changing diet of the American [...]

A Way of Life|Ranching on the Plains of America2016-09-28T16:44:36-05:00

Seeing the Light of Day|Images from the Vault


Seeing the Light of Day showcases the thought-provoking photographs taken from the film & digital archives of artist Georg Joutras. Including never before seen images, old favorites, and best-sellers, this book presents a varied look at North America through the photographer's creative vision. This collection contains many high points of the artists photographic endeavors, including new [...]

Seeing the Light of Day|Images from the Vault2016-09-27T08:32:40-05:00

Tom Larson|The Composer


Tom Larson is Assistant Professor of Composition (Emerging Media and Digital Arts) at the Glenn Korff School of Music at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prior to becoming a faculty member at UNL, Tom was the co-owner of Studio Q Recording in Lincoln, where he produced music for TV and radio advertising, industrial videos and documentary [...]

Tom Larson|The Composer2016-09-27T11:17:34-05:00

Al Bishop|The Philosopher


Al Bishop met Laron McGinn in Italy in 2001. Laron was visiting and The Bishop Family was living there at the time. A few years later, Al and his family relocated to Nebraska from the east coast following his decades of service in the U.S. Air Force. Although he came to Nebraska hesitantly and at the [...]

Al Bishop|The Philosopher2016-10-06T13:12:11-05:00
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